Spiritual Healing

In the first part you will discuss with Agnes what you would like to heal or achieve in any aspect of your life. Next, you will get comfortable on a warm crystal mat, and be guided into a deep relaxation and a higher state of consciousness. Agnes will use her holistic expertise of supporting you with her most powerful tools for healing and transformation. This form of treatment is like an inner “spring cleaning” that helps you to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter. It offers an awakening of your own healing abilities and wisdom, as well as, an opportunity to manifest a flow of miracles in your life. 

Intuitive Readings

  • Agnes will begin the reading by channeling messages of divine guidance from your angels, spirit guides and any loved ones in the spirit world. After she completes the messages, she uses beautiful and inspirational angel cards to do a past, present and future reading and to answer any questions concerning relationship, finances, career, business and health. Agnes also covers topics as diverse as: your soul's purpose and soul's lessons, your undiscovered talents, as well as your past incarnations and how they relate to this life. She then helps you to align with your soul plan and overcome your blocks, so you can co-create with Divine the life you truly want.

  • Agnes’ client base is worldwide. Readings are available in person or on the phone. 

What We Do

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About Agnes 

Life Coaching

You will be supported by Agnes to create the change and transformation you seek with “inspired action” steps that will help you achieve your goals. She will also help you recognize and transform any patterns, self-limiting beliefs and feelings that keep you from achieving your goals. Agnes is your guide to illuminate the way to see new possibilities and to help you tap into your own gifts, talents and power to transform your life.

Here a just a few things that Agnes’ clients have achieved: transition into life purpose, manifestation of a soul mate, creation of financial abundance and success in business.

Agnes recommends the Life Coaching package of 3 sessions to achieve lasting results.


  • About Agnes
  • Agnes is an Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher and a highly educated Holistic Professional. She is known for her authenticity and passion for her work. In her private practice, Agnes uses her unique gift, as well as, synthesis of cutting-edge healing arts. Agnes' life purpose is to help people heal and activate their soul potential so they can manifest their dreams
  • Motto:
  • I strongly believe that within each person there is an unlimited potential. I hold a safe and sacred space where that potential can unfold. It is an honor to witness a birth of someone’s new blueprint and creation of a beautiful dream.                         
  •                                              Agnes


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