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Healing Session 60 min - $175

Healing Session is like having an inner "spring cleansing." During your session, you will clear away mental, emotional, energetic, and physical clutter or 'baggage.' This healing session offers profound healing and transformation to open a flow of miracles in your life! 

During the first part of your session, you will discuss with Agnes what you would like to heal or achieve in any aspect of your life. You will then get comfortable on a warm crystal mat, and be guided into deep relaxation and a higher state of consciousness. Agnes will use her holistic expertise, along with her most powerful tools for healing and transformation, to help you heal and balance. 

Healing session might include Spiritual Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Reiki, Chakra Cleansing with crystals, sound and color therapy, Past Life Regression, Soul Journey and so much more… 

This session is available in person, by phone, Zoom video conference or as a distance/absent healing session. 

60 min - $175

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