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Soul Gift Session 60 min - $175

This session is a powerful Attunement for your soul. It opens a spiritual door through which powerful, higher-frequency energies of light can access your energy body.

It includes a reading and cleansing of your aura and chakras as well as a full personal Attunement for manifestation. You will also receive a drawing of your energy body as well as a complimentary Angel, Love, or Abundance Gift Box. You will get Descriptions, benefits, and usage of all the products made especially to attune your soul to a manifestation of your dream.  

Everything in your box is connected to angelic energy. It will help you awaken your consciousness, shift your energy and connect with your Angels so you can manifest your dreams. Please choose:

Angel Gift Box - Cleanse, heal, and get protection from Angels.
Love Gift Box - create more self-love, find your perfect partner, or improve your existing relationship.
Wealth Gift Box - Create more money, increase cash flow, and improve financial security.

These magical boxes — handmade by Agnes — include an assortment of spiritual items: Angelic Essences,  Cleansing Salts, Energy Bath Bombs and Soaps, Healing Crystals, Aromatherapy Candles, Cleansing Sage Sticks, and crystals for Meditation.

This session is available as a distance - absent session. If you would like to participate in your Aura/Chakra Reading and Attunement (first part of the session), you can do it in person, by phone, or Zoom video conference. 

The rest of your session Agnes will spend for: 
 - deep cleansing of your aura and chakras
 - removing all the energies blocking your intention
 - creating the  drawing of your energy body 
 - making your personalized products for manifestation.

60 min - $175







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