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Intuitive Counseling LLC




Intuitive Reading - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing

Agnes communicates with spirit guides and angels, who convey the information that is most needed or desired by the client. All Agnes' readings are positive and constructive in nature. 

This session helps you to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within. It also helps you discover your purpose so you can design a life that supports that mission.

​$175   New Client Session
$160   Existing Client Session - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing
$110   Existing Client Session - 30 Minute  + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing
$210   Emergency Session - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing

$60     One Question (Text or Email)

Past Life Regression $160 - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing
The Higher Self is what gives access to past lives and performs instantaneous healings when appropriate.

Angel Therapy $160 - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing
This session connects you with angels and higher wisdom and makes you feel completely supported in a powerful, calm, and transformative process.


Life Coaching $160 - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing

In this session you release blocks and fears that have held you back. You will also create a new blueprint that can be used to create the body, business or relationship you envision for yourself.

Spiritual Therapy $160 - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing
Agnes is using a body-mind technique that allows an individual to access memories from past traumas, abuse and any other painful issues like disease, depression, compulsivity or anxiety. It facilitates the release of any associated painful emotions, without having to re-live them.

Hypnosis $160 - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing
Hypnosis has been proven highly effective at resolving many emotional and behavioral issues. These include low self-confidence, stress, insomnia, phobias, negative habits such as overeating, smoking, weight loss, and anxiety to name but a few!


Intuitive Reiki $160 - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing
Reiki is a powerful, precise system of healing which originated in Tibet thousands of years ago. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of security and well being.  In addition, Reiki helps to restore immune function, improve circulation, and enhance healing. Healing Reiki stones and crystals charged with Reiki Energy are placed on client's body to extract negative energy and to replace it with positive healing energy.

Chakra Cleansing $160 - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing
Having balanced and clean chakras is a very important part of good health, spiritual growth and well-being.  This treatment helps to break up old patterns, release stuck energy and create profound healing. Tuning forks are used in this treament. 
Healing vibrations wash over and through the cells of the client's body, subtle Meridian and Chakra systems, releasing blocks, stimulating circulation, and helping client come into balance physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Sacred Stone Journey $160 - 60 min + 30 min Crystal Mat Healing
You'll be nestled into a comforting cocoon of hot and cold stones placed beneath and on top of your body. The warmth of  black lava stones stimulates circulation and grounds the body, while cool white marble stones clears the body of toxins. This session leaves you with feeling grounded and very safe. 
Tibetan Singing Bowls  are used during this treatment. Their sound synchronizes sentient brain waves and creates a therapeutic effect upon the mind & body. They alter space, mind and time; awakening cellular memory and healing the energy body.