For Agnes' Angel Workshops:

“I love Agnes’ positive and loving energy. She is highly intuitive and genuinely wants the best for her clients. She has truly been a gift to me on my journey and searching for self-love”.

– Christa , Simsbury, CT


“Agnes helped me find and reconnect to my own ability to calm and heal from within. Her guidance showed me my true path to reconnect to my healthy self again”.

– Rachel, Cromwell, CT​​​​​​​


“I had an amazing experience in Agnes’ workshop. Her energy and expertise brought me to a flash intuitive, experiential insight that would never have come from my typical, rational thinking-planning mind. Thank you!”

– Patti, Glastonbury, CT


“An amazing journey with the group! Healing, manifestation, and love felt powerfully by all”.

– Bob, Glastonbury, CT


“Wonderful, spiritual workshop!!! Thank you for connecting me with my Angels. I loved the meditations and I am hoping for more. The energy is beyond and above!”

– Joanna, Newington, CT


“I feel so peaceful and unburdened. I physically felt higher energy in my hands and heart.”

– Sandy, Bloomfield, CT

For Agnes' One-on-One Sessions:

“Agnes is wonderful! With her guidance, I have been able to identify my true goals and work towards them. She forces me to be open and honest with myself in the most supportive environment. I look forward to my sessions and my work. Thank you Agnes!”

– Helena, West Hartford, CT


“Agnes is the greatest spiritual healer. She has helped me tremendously in the past years. I have become a stronger person in many aspects of my life. I love her. She has amazing knowledge, and I have learned so much. I can’t thank her enough.”

– Pam, West Hartford, CT


“I feel calmer and more in tune with myself after seeing Agnes. Things make more sense sometimes too, when I have a hard time, after talking to her.”

– Anesa, Berlin, CT

For the Crystal Bed:

“After the Crystal Bed Session the ‘impossibe’ crumbled and became possible.”

– Gabi, Burlington, CT


“Being able to step out of my comfort zone and realize my full potential. Seeing my light and holding on that light.” 

– Kim, Berlin, CT


“I am very thankful that I get to be a part of this life changing experience. I felt rejuvenated, grateful and changed. I am not the same person. Agnes is an Angel sent here and we should be very grateful for her help and guidance. I can’t thank her enough for her love and support.”

– Jasiel, Cheshire, CT


“The Crystal Bed Session has created a beautiful empowering shift within me. Highly recommend it! Thank you Agnes!”

– Josephine, Bristol, CT


“It is a great experience. Very enlightening! Very positive and empowering.”

– Tanya, Middletown, CT

Intuitive Counseling LLC is a Holistic Spa that offers the widest array of healing treatments in all of New England. We are your one-stop-shop, specializing in cutting-edge services and new healing technologies.  

We offer everything: Intuitive Readings, Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Bed Sessions, Aura Photography, and so much more.  

If you don’t know which treatment to start with, we recommend beginning with an Intuitive Reading Session, allowing Agnes to determine your best healing protocol.

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